Green Cleaning Services

We observe the community development issues in their move to become green. We therefore use environmental cleaners. Our products reduce the amount of pollution and earth contamination.

Cleaning Consultations

We appreciate whenever you make some time for us in your daily busy schedule. We are always ready with quotations for your home or office.

Industrial Cleaning

Our personnel are ready for the toughest industrial removal services. We work on all the service industries such as food, manufacturing, mining and energy.

Word Wide Commercial Cleaning Services

The new technological and beneficial trend is the use of eco friendly products. This is achieved by green cleaning services.

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About Our Company

Perfect Cleanliness
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Standardized Cleaning

We do restore and design every working space. We perform optimum cleaning services, deep scrubbing, comprehensive cleansing and essential polish. We have free consultation services that will allow you get perfect cleaning and home design.

Office Cleaning

We do have our cleaners who work from house to house. Our major supervisor may go around checking the information to our offices and communicating with the other employees. You may also use our feedback form get back to us. When you get ongoing services from us, we give you a flat rate. Our budgeting mode will allow you to plan ahead and get all job finished within limited time.

One Time Cleaning

We provide one time cleaning services to all our clients. Each client can schedule with us to get ongoing cleaning services from us. We also provide occasional cleaning services at fair prices. We work with you all along to ensure that all you get is the service you have always desired.

Window Cleaning

Cross check cleaners provide professional cleaning services for all kinds of windows. We do a perfect streak-free service for home and office windows. You can schedule with us about residential and commercial cleaning services. As experts we also provide you professional window cleaning services.

Move out/in Cleaning Services

We work from one tenant to the other while they want to move in or out. We make your movement and transition from place to place effective. We do special and general cleaning services and provide a blend to our exceptional services. With our free consultation services, you are able to get the best cleaning services available.

Green Cleansing Services

We provide green cleansing services and use the green solutions that are safer to use. These green solutions are known to reduce the risk of getting an allergy or asthma attack. Green cleaning services address and uphold all the aspects of eco-friendly cleaning. It is the best method since it benefits the individual and provides maximum benefits.


Jamal Cleaning

During our cleaning processes, we do the pack-out processing.

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Pipeline Office Cleaning

Cross- check cleaning is a leader in home and office cleaning.

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Condo Cleaning Services

We perform all disinfecting services extremely fast.

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  • “I would like to thank you guys for cleaning my home for the home coming party. I admit that my invited guests were surprised with how the house was spotlessly cleaned.”

    Catherine Catherine
  • “I walked around the house and everything looked wonderful. “Wow” I cannot believe that my house can look so clean.”

    Andrew Andrew Jamal Inc
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